Course Info and Materials


Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate an exhaustive Biblical understanding and working knowledge of discipleship. They will also develop very pragmatic handles of the Great Commission through practical experience.


  • Students can walk someone through the Bible and show them the thread of discipleship in the Old and New Testaments and how that relates to discipleship today.
  • Students will have a Biblical understanding of evangelism and will be well equipped to effectively evangelize to non-believers in a myriad of different contexts with a variety of strategies.
  • Students will be trained in how to assess, evaluate, create and execute a discipleship plan for people they will be discipling in the future.

Please use this schedule as a guide as you work through the Disciple Making course. You will need to complete the following modules at a minimum each week, but are welcome to work ahead as far as you like.

Week 1 (11/28) – Module 1-2 (2 hrs)
Week 2 (12/5) – Module 3-4 (2 hrs)
Week 3 (12/12) – Module 5-7 (2 hrs) 


Matt Ulrich | Microchurch Pastor | 
Jon Lash | Greenhouse South Florida Pastor |