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In this course students will become familiar with the content of the New Testament, with specific attention being given to the flow of the biblical story and its major themes.


  • Students will understand the chronology, structures, and themes of the New Testament. This includes seeing how New Testament narratives reveal God’s hand in history
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the New Testament, being able to recall and identify key people, events and dates
  • Students will grasp the missional value of the New Testament and appreciate its relationship with the Old Testament

Please use this schedule as a guide as you work through the New Testament course. You will need to complete the following modules at a minimum each week, but are welcome to work ahead as far as you’d like.

Week 1 (2/12) – Module 1-2 (2.3 hrs)
Week 2 (2/19) – Module 3-4 (3 hrs)
Week 3 (2/26) – Module 5-6 (3.2 hrs)
Week 4 (3/5) – Module 7-8 (1.5 hrs)



Samara Godshalk | Kids Director |
Eric Dinius

Required Materials:

Recommended Materials:

Exercise and Resource Guide:
This guide gives you recommended reading, exercises and resources for each module. Use it to pursue further study of the Old Testament. 
Download the guide here

6 Week New Testament Bible Reading Plan: (recommended, not required)
If you want to read through the New Testament at an accelerated pace, this plan will take you through about eight chapters each day to keep you on pace to finish in 6 weeks. 
Download it here

Additional Resource Links: