Discipleship Assessment

Before we get to the rest of the content, let’s take a personal assessment to measure your maturity as a disciple and disciple maker. 

Follow these instructions to take it: 

  1. Go to www.chartisassessment.com and click on the “Take the assessment” button.
  2. Hit New User and fill out the info.
  3. For payment, type in GSMFree in the discount code to get it for free.
  4. Fill out your info on the next page. Be sure to put your cohort facilitator’s email address in when it prompts you to share your results with your leader/mentor.
  5. Take the assessment!
  6. You will receive a downloaded copy as well as an emailed copy to you. Watch the two videos in the email to show you how to engage with the results pages.
You will not re-take this assessment at the end of the course (it’s too short of a time to see significant change), but you will take it again at the end of GSM to gauge your progress.