Biblical training to help you change the world

Learn to Seek God

Study Theology

Become a Disciple Maker

Do you wish you were better equipped to reach the people around you?

  • Do you get overwhelmed when you think about studying the Bible?
  • Are you insecure about your ability to make disciples?
  • Is it time for you to get emotionally healthy?
  • Are you disappointed that you struggle to seek God?
  • Do you feel burdened by injustice in our world?
  • Are you tired of having unrealized leadership potential?

We've been there and we can help.

Throughout history, God's people have struggled with these very same problems.

In response, He called them to set apart time for intentional training:

  • Joshua spent years learning from Moses
  • Elisha left his job and devoted himself to learn the ways of Elijah
  • Timothy dedicated time to follow Paul
  • The apostles set apart 3 years to apprentice with Jesus

God's methods of development have not changed...

No matter what you feel called to do, a season of preparation will help you lay the foundation you need.

We created The Greenhouse School of Ministry for those that want the exponential growth that comes with dedicated training.

GSM is a 9-month training program that combines classroom instruction and hands on training to equip people to reach the world around them.

Year 1

Discipleship Intensive

A year of intensive training from Greenhouse Pastors in the core areas of internal and external discipleship

Length: 9 Months

Year 2 (optional)

Leadership Intensive

A deep dive into critical leadership topics, with practicum experience in church planting, global missions or church leadership

Length: 9 Months

Year 3 (optional)

Field Intensive

A full-time, on the field opportunity to test your calling to church planting, global missions or church leadership

Length: 12 Months

Every Year 1 student will be thoroughly trained in...

God - Seeking



Disciple - Making

Justice & Mission


What's My Investment?



Per Person

*Does not include cost for mandatory mission trip. Trips range in cost from $300-$1500

Earn $6000 by working a part-time job

GSM's schedule makes room for you to work a part-time job so you can generate income and live on mission

*20 hrs/week for 9 months at minimum wage

How Do I Start?