You can expect to invest about 8 hours a week on your development through GSM. These hours include: watching the pre-recorded teachings, completing practical exercises, reading relevant books, and attending your discipleship cohort.

We also expect you to practice spiritual disciplines like prayer and scripture memory (we’ll give you a plan and hold you accountable), and to be an active church member.

Yes this is an investment, but we see throughout the Bible God leading people to set aside time to prepare for the call on their lives. Joshua. Elisha. Timothy. The apostles. The time set aside to prepare set them up for the things God had called them to do. No matter what you feel called to do, a season of preparation will help you lay the foundation you need.

GSM will start in September 2020 and last until the end of April 2021.

This means our program is a mixture of online and in-person experiences. Here is a break-down of what is included in each:

  • Online: Pre-recorded teachings on God-Seeking, Wholeness, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Disciple-making, Justice/Missions
  • In-person: three intensives over the course of the year (ranging 2-3 days each & COVID-19 permitting), weekly live sessions with supplementary content, weekly discipleship cohort of 3-5 people

This structure allows you to receive training that can fit your schedule no matter what season of life you are in.

YES! We are excited for more people to have access to training. Because of the way the program is structured, anyone who works a full-time job or is a full-time student can participate. A majority of our program can be adapted to fit your schedule. PLUS your workplaces create great opportunities to connect with people and practice the discipleship skills you are learning. Still unsure? Contact us here to talk with a team to member about your specific situation 😉

If you pay in full at the beginning of the year, the cost of the program is $1,800. If you pay in two installments, it will cost a total of $1,900. If you pay in monthly installments, it will cost a total of $2,000.

This program is definitely an investment, but we do everything we can to keep the cost down (this is cheaper than most discipleship programs). PLUS there are opportunities to receive a scholarship.

We will be offering scholarships based on financial need. If you have a financial challenge, we’d love to talk with you about it.

YES! We would love for you to receive training from wherever you are in the world. Your teachings and groups would be held online, but you would travel to Gainesville for our 3 student intensives.

You will have more time to transition into the program. You will have opportunities to start building relationships with staff and other incoming students.

No problem! — Fill out our contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you!

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