Course Info and Materials

Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate Biblical understanding and practical experience with God-Seeking and spiritual disciplines.

-Students understand the proper motivation for God-Seeking and can discern unhealthy motives in themselves and others

-Students develop a comprehensive understanding of the various disciplines and each of their roles in the life of a healthy disciple

-Students gain practical experience in each of the various disciplines

Course Schedule

Please use this schedule as a guide as you work through the God Seeking course. You will need to complete the following modules at a minimum each week, but are welcome to work ahead as far as you’d like.

  • Week 1 (9/26) – Complete Modules 1-3 (2.2 hrs)
  • Week 2 (10/3) – Complete Modules 4-5 (1.9 hrs)
  • Week 3 (10/10) – Complete Modules 6-8 (2.3 hrs)
  • Week 4 (10/17) – Complete Modules 9-10 (2.9 hrs)
  • Week 5 (10/24) – Complete Module 11-13 (1.7 hrs) 




Robbie Johnson | Executive Pastor |
Various Greenhouse staff and guests


Required Reading:
Secrets of the Secret Place, Bob Sorge
Read approximately 2 chapters a day to finish the book by the end of the course. 

Recommended Reading:
Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster
Why Revival Tarries, Leonard Ravenhill
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whitney
The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds On Prayer 

Exercise Guide
Pastor Robbie encourages you to complete a handful of exercises as the course progresses. You can find the complete list of exercises here: Exercise Guide

Course Handouts 
There are a total of 19 handouts for the God Seeking Course (a GSM record!). Click the link below to access the files. It will open in a new tab and should automatically download. Once it is downloaded you can "unzip" it by double-clicking. It is possible to download these files to some smart phones, but unless you are familiar with the process it may be easier to download the files to your computer 

Each handout is listed by module number. Lesson numbers are added when appropriate. For example, 1.2 refers to module 1, lesson 2. 

God Seeking Handouts (Zip File)