Course Info and Materials


Course Outcome: Upon completion of this course, students will have a foundational understanding of hermeneutical methods and confidence to use them in regular Bible study.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will develop a basic understanding of why the Bible is trustworthy.  
  • Students will learn the basic methods of studying and observing a Biblical text.
  • Students will learn the basic methods of interpreting a Biblical text.
  • Students will learn the basic methods of applying a Biblical text to modern culture.

Please use this schedule as a guide as you work through the Hermeneutics course. You will need to complete the following modules at a minimum each week, but are welcome to work ahead as far as you’d like.

Week 1 (4/16) – Module 1-2 (3.3 hrs)
Week 2 (4/23) – Module 3-4 (2 hrs)
Week 3 (4/30) – Module 5-7 (2.5 hrs)



Priscilla Brown 
Brooke Bauzon | Youth Pastor |
Renee Handtke | Care Pastor |
Wendy Roche | Outreach Coord. |
Troy Dinsdale 
Eric Dinius 

Required Materials:

  • Bible
  • Exercise and Resource Guide (below)

Exercise and Resource Guide:
This guide gives you recommended exercises and resources to enhance your interpretive skills. Use it regularly as a companion to the course videos. 
Download the guide here