Individual courses


Pastor Mike Patz teaches the fundamental principles of biblical transformation.

Course length: 3 hours


Pastor Matt Ulrich shares biblical vision and practical steps to empower you to play your part in the Great Commission.

Course length: 6 hours

God Seeking & The Spiritual Disciplines

Robbie Johnson teaches the foundations of God Seeking and best practices for the spiritual disciplines. 

Course length: 11 hours


Ruth Patz shows that emotional health is the pathway to spiritual maturity. 

Course length: 9 hours

Old Testament Overview

Eric Dinius teaches an overview of the Old Testament using the CASKET framework.

Course length: 13 hours

New Testament Overview

Samara Godshalk and Eric Dinius teach the New Testament using the EMPTY framework.    

Course length: 10 hours

Justice and Global Mission

Andrea Levings leads an introductory study of the Missio Dei – the mission of God as it is found throughout the Bible   

Course length: 9 hours

Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation)

A team of pastors and staff from Greenhouse teach the inductive method of Bible study. 

Course length: 8 hours


Robbie Johnson and other staff teach the fundamentals of leadership.  

Course length: 5 hours

Missionary fundamentals

In this course you will hear from two seasoned missionaries, Dick Brogden and Joe Gordon, sharing the essentials for anyone thinking about pursuing overseas work. 

Course length: 3 hours


New to the faith? Join us as leaders from different Greenhouse campuses explain the essentials.

Course length: 3 hours

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