Leadership training and practicum experience for every aspiring leader

You are already a leader, but how good of a leader are you? How well do you lead your family? Your children? Your employees? Your microchurch? Your peers?

Everything rises and falls on leadership, and regardless of your vocation, becoming a better leader should stay near the top of your priority list. 

We have decades of leadership experience and we want to teach you what we’ve learned.


If you do the Leadership Intensive, you’ll study:

Self leadership

Becoming greater on the inside than on the outside.

Green leadership

Leveraging every environment to help people grow in worship, mission and community.

Administrative leadership

Executing systems that will keep your ministry organized.

Communication & Leadership

Listening and speaking to maximize your influence.

Multiplicative leadership

Intentionally reproducing other leaders.

Leadership Intangibles

Understand the big picture of leadership principles and how interpret them correctly.

How do i start?

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