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Andrea Levings leads an introductory study of the Missio Dei – the mission of God as it is found throughout the Bible 



This course is an introductory study of the mission of God as it is found throughout the Bible – the Missio Dei. It explores the Biblical theology of the mission and justice of God. It also shows the implications of this theology, and cross-cultural barriers with the gospel.


  1. Students will develop a basic understanding of global history and theology related to mission.
  2. Students will learn the basic methods of multidisciplinary study of cultures and Christian faith.
  3. Students will learn the cultural dimension of Christian witness and interfaith engagement.
  4. Students will learn the basic Biblical foundations of justice and be equipped to practice evangelistic justice through a variety of means including urban ministry, higher-risk youth, and people who experience marginalization in any society.



Andrea Levings | Missions Director | 
Various Greenhouse staff and guests

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