Great Lives Require Great Preparation

Inherently, we know this is true…

Great athletes require great discipline and effort. They must endure grueling practices, restrict their diet, spend hours studying game film, and make countless sacrifices if they want to win their prize.
Great doctors require great investments during 7 years of schooling and residency. Great musicians require great muscle memory that comes from great practice. Great events require great planning. Great bodies require great workouts. Great grades require great studying.

It’s inescapable. Preparation is a prerequisite to success, and the best successes require the best training.

The problem is, most of us hate training. Athletes don’t like to practice and students don’t like to study. We live in a culture with a bare minimum mentality that has us perpetually looking for shortcuts. Microwaves, cliff notes, diet pills, performance enhancing drugs… the list feels endless.

When you hold up our general laziness against the canvas of issues in our world the picture looks bleak. We have too many problems to be solved and too many gifted people not solving them.God has prepared good works in advance for us to do. He has called us to make a difference.

Our world is in need of a generation that is willing to pay the price in order to live great lives of significance and compassion. Men and women who will make the necessary sacrifices to glorify God by changing our world. Will you be one of them?

Throughout history, the people of God have dedicated themselves to the purposes of God by submitting to a process of training. Joshua spent years learning from Moses. Elisha left his job and devoted himself to learn the ways of Elijah. The apostles set apart 3 years to apprentice with Jesus. Timothy dedicated time to follow Paul.

God’s methods of development have not changed.

No matter what you feel called to do, a season of preparation will help you lay the foundation you need. We invite you to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. Come and discover the exponential growth that comes with dedicated training.

You won’t regret it.